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Mary Claire Smith

Mary Claire Smith has always drawn on paper in one medium or another. Themes may have changed, but certain motifs recur and persist—circularity, linear repetition, undulations and the pattern of tree and plant forms.

Mary Claire’s background is in fine art, followed by postgraduate printmaking and illustration at Central Saint Martin’s. She worked for two London editioning print studios, Paupers’ Press and Hope Sufferance. She taught art and design for many years before becoming a full-time illustrator. Mary Claire’s clients included Walker Books, Penguin Books and Eden Project Books, amongst many others. In 2006 she set up a gallery/shop—Frank— in Whitstable, Kent. Throughout this time she has continued drawing, printmaking, painting, looking.

Mary Claire is currently working on a two print series. The first takes as its starting point a woodcut/collage technique using architectural motifs. The second series evolves from pen and ink drawings inspired by botanical forms.

Instagram: @mcprintworks