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Pottery West

Catherine and Matt West are ceramicists and designers working under the name of Pottery West. In their Sheffield studio they design and make hand-thrown tableware, whilst also working on bespoke commissions for interior design projects and restaurants.

Catherine and Matt established their first studio in 2014—after graduating in Design and Fine Art at Goldsmiths—focussing on functional ceramic ware: Matt working at the wheel, Catherine mixing the glazes. Today their studio practice encompasses production pottery and design.

Inspiration is often sculptural and painterly in the most elementary ways: texture, tone, light and form. Although ideas come from familiar forms and material exploration in the studio, inspiration for their designs are drawn from all aspects of everyday life – books, food cultures, textures encountered.
Underlying their making process is a continuous conversation about how the object will be used, who will use it and what will it mean to its owner.