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LUCE’s work explores the inner world—the world of dreams and the unconscious. Her work is mostly driven by the desire to experiment with different materials, often used together. She starts with a vague intention and patiently builds up an image of an inner state. She prefers adventure to the security of knowing what the end result will be, which makes her work very diverse.

She experiments with different materials in layers, using copper, zinc, aluminium, wood, lino, plastic sheets, wallpaper, carpet or cork. Luce’s prints are inspired by contemplating the whispering movement of leaves in the wind, the movements of water, or thinking of feathers in a symbolic and spiritual way, reflecting the tension between mind and body, dream states and conscious life, the self and other.

LUCE studied Graphic Arts at the St.Lucas Academy of Art in Antwerp. She has worked in several prestigious print studios including Atelier 17 where she worked with the founder, Stanley William Hayter. She has participated in many international Print Exhibitions. Her last personal exhibition was at Gallery Anaphora in Paris in 2019. She has been selected several times for the summer exhibition at the Royal Academy and for the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair.

Her work is represented in many Public Collections including the Belgian Royal Library, the French National Library, the V&A, the York College Library and the State University of Arkansas.